CrossFit 954 Is More Than A GYM

We are a community of like-minded individuals, of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds who’ve committed to making our health, fitness and optimal well-being a priority. Our focus is to inspire transformation (not a quick fix), have fun, live outside our ‘comfort zone’, and achieve our greatest physical potential. If you share similar goals, we look forward to welcoming you to our family.


  • Friday, April 28th

  • Strength: Bench Press -5 Rep Max


    Tabata on Steroids: 40 sec Work/20 Sec rest x 6 times  (ALL 6 ROUNDS OF  ONE MOVEMENT AT A TIME)

    Hang Squat Cleans  45/65  65/95  95/135

    Push Press 45/65  65/95  95/135

    Toe-2- Bar

    Lateral Burpees Over Bar

    HSPU  (Mod-Pike Pushups)