Athlete of the Month


April 2017: Rafael aka Sr.

Our April Athlete of the month is Rafael aka Sr. aka New York. (father of Jr).  Sr. has been a staple part of the 954 family for about 6 years! In fact,I think he is officially our box patriarch! Without a doubt CONSISTENCY is Sr’s strong suit. I believe within the past 6 years he hasn’tbeen out for more than a month, and that was  due to work travel. Not only is he consistent, but he gets RESULTS! In Fact, Sr. was the most recent winner of our 21-Day Detox Challenge losing nearly 16lbs in just 21 days!!

In addition, he competed in this years’ CrossFit Games Open and finished in the top 120 in the South East Region! BAD ASS!!!  Besides all of these accomplishments, what I admire most about Sr. is his kind heart and unyielding support of CrossFit 954. He shows up for almost everything and is always available to lend a helping hand. Sr. you probably should have earned this award awhile ago because youhave been rockin’ it for quite a long time, but better late than never!  Congrats on all you have accomplished and keep on being the inspiration that you are to so many.Onward & Upward Champion!


March Athlete of the Month: Carolina Onorati

I’m proud to announce that our March Athlete of the Month, and our newestt mommy at 954, is Carolina Onorati! Carolina has been a member of the 954 family for approximately 5 years (maybe longer), and during that time she has overcome several ‘hurdles’ including knee surgery, and most recently the birth of her beyond adorable baby boy Logan, who is at the box just as much as she is! No matter what she faces, this woman does not stop.

 She continued training until a few days before giving birth, and returned on THE day she received doctor’s clearance to workout again. Carolina completes mostof her workouts Rx and has mastered all of her skills with the exception of the Muscle Up, which I know is on the horizon.  Within 4 month she has lost all of her baby weight, competed in the CrossFit Open and is once again a force to reckon with on the leaderboard. Carolina was the recipient of the ‘Warrioress’ award during this year’s award ceremony, and she has without question earned that title.  Carolina, thank you for never giving up, for always giving 100% no matter what challenges you face and for being a perfect example of a Crossfit mom. Logan is lucky to have you as his mommy and I’m sure he will be snatching his body weight pretty soon!

 Congrats and keep on keeping on! It is my privilege to know and serve you.


February Athlete of the Month: Sandra De Oleo

Our February Athlete of the Month is quite new to CrossFit, however she has made HUGE strides in a very short time, which is why she is very deserving.  Sandra Oleo joined CrossFit 954 towards the end of 2016, and her goal was to get her pre-baby body back.  I’m pretty sure she is there and beyond, but if not I know she is VERY close.  What I admire about Sandra is her focus and her discipline to show up and give 100%, even at times with an 8-month oldin tow.

Sandra De Oleo also recently completed the 21-Day Detox Challenge, and her results were extraordinary. In fact, they were so good, she inspired her two sisters in New Yorkto participate in the current 21-Day challenge. Sandra gives 100% to EVERY workout, is always trying to improve and work on her weaknesses, has METICULOUS technique, and is never too exhausted to cheerlead for her classmates. With all that Sandra De Oleo has accoplished in less than 6 months,  I have no doubt that she will be quite the CrossFit force to reckon with, in no time at all. Sandra, thank you for your example and your inspiration. Your future is bright, and I consider myself privileged to witness it!  Onward and Upward Champion!!


January 2017 Athlete of the Month

Our January 2017 Athlete of the Month is none other than Ben Garcia! Afre coming back from a foot injury (Not CrossFit related) about 7 months ago Ben Garcia has been on a mission to improve his body and his health, and undoubetdly he has successfully done that! Ben recently participated in the 21-Day Detox Challenge and lost 11lbs and 4 inches from his belly! Ben consistently shows up 4x a week at 6AM and gives 100% to every workout, and now that his diet is on par with his workouts, there is no telling what we will see from Ben Garcia in 2017! Congrats Ben on your success and keep on Training Hard, Eating Clean, Living Life & Being Awesome!!!