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        A $10 Donation To Charity!

  • Customized to Your Fitness Level.
  • No Membership Required.
  • Plus a Great Free Gift!

Every week here at CrossFit 954 we do a fat-eliminating, body-toning, and FUN workout you can attend for just a $10 donation to Florida Suicide Prevention Initiative, a great local charity that helps alleviate those factors in society contributing to feelings of alienation, desperation, isolation, helplessness, and hopelessness through Education, Survivor Support, Advocacy, Prevention Program development, and Research.

And it’s perfectly customized to YOUR fitness level. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or even advanced, we’ll make sure you get the perfect workout suited just for you.

And after every workout, we do an information-packed 15-minute mini seminar to educate you about nutrition and exercise best practices (you know, the stuff that REALLY works to transform your body).

Plus…you get a great free gift that can be the single most valuable body (and life) changing tool you ever use: The 7-Minute Victory Journal. This powerful accountability tool makes exercise and healthy eating a way of life.

So it’s a winner all the way around. You get a perfectly customized workout with the most in-demand fitness and nutrition experts in town for just $10, and Florida Suicide Prevention Initiative gets much needed funds so they can continue their great work.

Just complete the form below to register and receive our weekly $10 charity workout and mini-seminar schedule. You’re under no obligation, and there’s no additional costs or fees. It’s just $10, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.

CrossFit 954  is conveniently located at 1128 North Federal Highway just North of Young Circle. If you have questions you can call us at 954-924-4465 or email us at

Thank you for supporting Suicide Prevention Initiative – and get ready for the perfect workout!

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