CrossFit 954 is a Boutique CrossFit box, meaning that we keep our membership base to 140 maximum and our class sizes to 12-15 maximum to ensure that all of our members receive the coaching and attention they deserve. We do not strive to be a mega-box with hundreds of members and 30+ clients in a class. For this reason, we are not the cheapest box in town, but I can assure you that your experience and the personal attention you receive will be well worth the extra investment. And besides, what investment is worth more than your health and fitness?!



 *Prices effective as of July 1st 2015



General Fitness/FatLoss– The GF Protocol is ideal for those whose primary goal is weightloss,fat loss and general fitness .This protocol caters to individuals who want the fast results of CrossFit without heavy lifting, Olympic lifting or advanced movements (rope climbs, muscle ups, handstand pushups etc). This protocol is best for beginners, those with chronic injuries, or anyone who i3xsn’t interested in becoming a “CrossFitter,but still want to work hard and get RESULTS! The GF track applies more of a ‘boot-camp’ approach incorporating body weight movements, running, rowing, jump roping, kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbag, medicine balls and other ‘fun’ toys

Performance – The Performance protocol is ideal for those whose primary goal is strength, athletic development, improving as a CrossFit athlete or anyone interested in pursuing a more advanced/intense training regimen. The Performance ‘track’ includes Olympic lifting, heavy lifting, and advanced movements such as rope climbs, muscle ups, handstand pushups etc. The performance track is a ‘typical’ CrossFit regimen.